Skate Drops Huge Update And Oh No, It’s An MMO Now

Skate Drops Huge Update And Oh No, It’s An MMO Now

Good news: EA is still working on that Skate reboot it announced a while back.

What you might be less buzzed about: it’s a free-to-play, live service, MMO version of Skate because … of course it is. I get it. This was the only way a company like EA was ever going to be able to justify the production of a new entry in a franchise that’s been dormant this long.

A new developer blog has dropped during Summer Game Fest, giving the old heads (and, EA hopes, a new generation of skaters) their first look at its long-awaited modern take on Skate. The game is now very much cut from the live service mould, and though the many developers and EA reps who appear in the blog don’t get into specifics, there’s a clear throughline of new tricks, items, boards, and even music being added over time. I’m sure all the usual staples of the format — battle passes, seasons, time-limited special events — will appear. The game already has what it calls Pop Up Events, which are your standard, timed MMO world events anyone can participate in.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been any improvements to the bones of the Skate experience: the skating. The Flick-It control system has apparently been reworked for a greater degree of accuracy and control in motion. It’s also been refactored with a view to adding new tricks down the line in a way that won’t overcomplicate things. There’s also a set of more basic controls to help newer players get into the game faster (there’s no word about how such a control scheme will affect competitive play). The game will feature crossplay and cross progression, meaning you can hop systems and take your cloud save with you.

A new system called Quick Drop allows players to place trick architecture within the level. The idea is that players can sue this functionality to build a chain of bespoke tricks for massive score multipliers. I feel like it will more likely be used for trolling, but its certainly good in spirit. There’s also an expansion to off-board play — that is, when your character hops off their skateboard for a walk around. Skate now includes climbing and mantling, allowing players to get onto rooftops and skate around up there.

The video doc also makes a big to do about customisation, including the ability to change your skater’s socks. They make multiple references to this, so I assume its a Skate community in-joke. For those who’ve always looked forward to covering their board in stickers and dressing their skater in Dickies shirts in all the colours of the pop punk rainbow, it appears you’ll be well served.

Sitll no release date for Skate, but EA has confirmed it’s coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There is also no word about a Switch version. For those wanting to participate in future closed tests, EA is expanding the number of players it waves through the proverbial gate in the coming months. You can throw your hat in the ring for that right over here.

Image: EA, Kotaku Australia

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