Someone Just Paid Over $1 Million For This One-Of-A-Kind Counter-Strike Skin

Someone Just Paid Over $1 Million For This One-Of-A-Kind Counter-Strike Skin

A skin for Counter-Strike’s ever-popular AK-47 just became the most expensive skin ever sold publicly for the game. This isn’t the first time a skin from Valve’s iconic tactical shooter has gone for a high price, but, at over a million dollars, this is easily the highest price one has netted yet.

The skin in question, as revealed on X (formerly Twitter) by journalist Jake Lucky, is a StatTrak Factory New AK-47 in Blue Gem pattern 661, and though we know it just sold for over a million dollars, the specific dollar amount has not been revealed. This particular skin is a true one-of-one cosmetic that was introduced in CS:GO in 2013, and while “Minimal Wear” condition versions of the skin have been seen in the wild, nobody saw the “Factory New” variant until earlier this year when the skin’s discovery went public. At the time, Counter-Strike streamers and players estimated that if put up for sale it could sell for up to a million dollars. The last time a StarTrak 661 went on sale was in 2022, when a “Minimal Wear” version of the skin went for $US400,000.

The value is heavily due to the Blue Gem coloring of the skin, which gives the AK-57 a shiny blue metallic look. Blue Gem skins have a history of being the rarest, and by extension most expensive, skins in Counter-Strike. Jake Lucky posted a snazzy video of the skin in action so that everybody can stare in awe (or disgust) at how much money a person paid for it. Previously the owner of a Blue Gem knife turned down an offer of roughly $US1.5 million, making it the most expensive Counter-Strike skin in existence (at least in its estimated value). With no sale of that rare knife skin, it remains to be seen if the astronomically high million-dollar record of this latest sale will be broken at some point in the future.

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