Starfield Mod Fixes The Ending To One Of The Game’s Best Quests

Starfield Mod Fixes The Ending To One Of The Game’s Best Quests

Hey, do you remember that really neat Star Trek-esque quest in Starfield where you had to help some long-lost colonists find a new home, but the game thought killing children was an acceptable outcome, while doing the same to the corporate execs who have power over those children and their relatives was just out of the question? Yeah, it’s definitely one of those moments that made me realise Starfield was far more on rails than it should be. But there’s good news, as modder cognimancer has delivered a mod on the Creations’ suite.

Many of Starfield’s quests leave a lot to be desired for, but “First Contact” actually does some speculative work in this otherwise speculative work of fiction. Who can lay claim to worlds found in deep space? How do advances in technology displace and disadvantage people? And why are my only options to send lost people off to the unknown, force them into indentured servitude, or kill them? Well, at least there’s a new outcome to mess with.

Downloading ‘Eat The Rich’ alternate quest solutions

In the Creations suite, you can find the alternate quest outcome by searching for “Eat The Rich.” It’s a rather simple mod that simply changes the corporate board members of Paradiso from essential to non-essential (I sure do like the sound of that…). This means you can waltz on into their cute little meeting where they’re deciding the fates of entire groups of people and the allocation of natural resources, and just kill ‘em!

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This is a slightly better way to dispose of the corpo serpents than using SKKmods’ Headshot mod, which still requires you to land a headshot.

As a quest-altering mod, you’ll want this one early in your load order (the order in which your mods load in), but not before community patches like the Unofficial Starfield Patch.

Warning: Your companions might still get cranky

If you already know the outcome of the Paradiso quest, you might just be tempted to, as I described above, just head on into the meeting and off these folks. If you have a companion with you, however, they will still get mad at you for this.

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The solution, however, is to play out the quest normally, and then choose “[Attack] I’m going to clear out the pests on those colonists’ new world.” You need to go through the quest far enough that these suits show just how callous, uncaring, and profit-seeking they really are.

Also, uh, if you do you might not want to go back to Paradiso. The entire security force on the resort will permanently try to kill you so long as you’re on the planet. So you’ll have to fight your way out and any quests that send you back to Paradiso will sort of be screwed up as folks will still try to kill ya.

As one of, if not the very first alternate quest outcome mod on the Creations’ suite, the Paradiso quest is perhaps the most fitting to tweak. Here’s hoping it’s the first of many alterations in my mission to mod Starfield into the immersive sim I always wanted it to be.


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