The Best Marvel Game You Didn’t Play May Go Free On Epic This Week

The Best Marvel Game You Didn’t Play May Go Free On Epic This Week

When Marvel’s Midnight Suns dropped last year, it felt like it arrived when the wheels were finally coming off the MCU. A run of weaker films coincided with its launch, and this, combined with its strategy-focused genre, meant that it might have scared a few people off.

I wish it hadn’t. It’s one of the best new Marvel games in years. The combination of Firaxis’ flair for strategy games, honed on XCOM and Civilisation, is put to good use here. Rather than being a squad tactics title like XCOM or a grand strategy game like Civ, Midnight Suns instead leans into a Fire Emblem-like tactical RPG. There is a huge focus on characters and how they combine when working as a squad, and that’s where the real strategic juice is. How do you combine Wolverine with a squad of other heroes to maximise his and their abilities? It’s fun working that out.

Some fans wondered at the time why Firaxis didn’t simply make a Marvel game with the XCOM formula. According to director Jake Solomon on one of the final episodes of the old Waypoint Radio podcast (now Remap Radio), XCOM‘s careful, dice-roll format didn’t work for superheroes.

The story contained in the main campaign is also a belter and perfect for Marvel fans who love the wild and weird Doctor Strange-inspired corners of that universe.

The good news is that if you never played it, now you might be able to grab it for free. According to leaker Billbil-kun, Midnight Suns will be this week’s free game on the Epic Game Store for PC starting this Friday from 1:00 AM AEST. Obviously, Epic hasn’t confirmed that, but if you’ve seen Billbil-kun’s track record on PS Plus leaks, they rarely miss. I’d say they’re bang on. Once you’ve grabbed it, it’ll be bound to your account, and you can keep it for good.

Here’s a link to its store page on Epic to save you a bit of time googling around.

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