Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft Picks Up New Hobby, Becomes Slasher Movie Final Girl

Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft Picks Up New Hobby, Becomes Slasher Movie Final Girl

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider is reportedly the next crossover character arriving in the popular online asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight. According to early, leaked details, the character will arrive in July.

Released in 2016, Dead by Daylight has been quietly chugging along all these years and has grown into one of the most popular and successful online horror games around. It pits a group of mostly unarmed survivors against a player who takes on the role of a powerful and deadly monster or villain. In the past, we’ve seen Dead by Daylight add iconic horror characters like Michael Myers, Chucky, and Ghostface from Scream to the game. And now, Lara Croft appears to be joining the fun. Sure, she’s not a character from a horror franchise, but she has been through some horrific shit.

Rumors started swirling about Lara Croft coming to Dead by Daylight a few weeks ago. Then, over the weekend, someone posted what looked like an official Dead by Daylight poster featuring Lara Croft. However, on June 24, the still-not-confirmed crossover was accidentally leaked by Eurogamer, who published a post all about Lara Croft in DBD seemingly ahead of an official announcement from developer Behaviour Interactive. The article also alleges that Lara will be added to DBD on July 16.

Lara Croft as she will appear in Dead By Daylight.
Screenshot: Behaviour Interactive / Eurogamer / Kotaku

According to the post, which has since been removed but was archived by fans, the version of Lara Croft coming to DBD is based on the younger, grittier character seen in the “Survivor Trilogy” of games. While these games are generally remembered as great adventures, there was some controversy around many of the brutal death animations featured in them. Now you can kill her in more brutal ways, if that’s something you’ve been wanting to do…

“Lara Croft has survived expeditions few would dare attempt, locked eyes with death and lived to tell the tale… Now, she must face yet again a dark adventure shrouded in Fog,” explained Behaviour Interactive, according to Eurogamer.

“With her experiences and skill set, Lara Croft perfectly embodies the characteristics needed to survive in The Fog and is right at home in the world of Dead by Daylight alongside other iconic characters. Though she may be well-prepared for the Trials ahead, in the Entity’s twisted world, the future is never promised,” said Behaviour Interactive.

Dead by Daylight’s current season is heavily inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, so it’s not like the game hasn’t been dabbling in non-horror crossovers already.

Still, I don’t think Lara Croft is a good fit for Dead By Daylight. Turning such a powerful and badass character famously known for surviving and fighting into a screaming victim who won’t just pull out a pistol and blast away the monster seems silly and out of character for any version of the Tomb Raider. But hey, gotta keep making the number go up and feed people more content. That’s the way things work in 2024.

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