Even Elden Ring Legend Let Me Solo Her Struggled With Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Final Boss

Even Elden Ring Legend Let Me Solo Her Struggled With Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Final Boss

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree has been out for over a week, and community legend Let Me Solo Her has finally beaten the game’s final boss – but not without a major struggle first. I feel infinitely better about my fifty attempts to take down a single boss in-game now. 

If you want to play through the punishingly difficult Shadow of the Erdtree DLC spoiler free, I’d suggest clicking off this article now and coming back once you’re finished. Seriously. We’ll be discussing the final boss and Let Me Solo Her’s experience in detail, and I don’t want to be the one to ruin your joy (or frustration, depending on how you play Elden Ring). Final warning, folks: Shadow of the Erdtree final boss spoilers incoming.

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Let Me Solo Her became a kind of Elden Ring folk hero after gaining notoriety for solo-ing Malenia in the base game in multiplayer. He would appear, emote for the player to stand back, and take her down single-handed on their behalf. Since the launch of Shadow of the Erdtree, he’s been solo-ing Mesmmer the Impaler for embattled players, proving once again that he’s a legend made flesh. However, not every Elden Ring DLC boss is a walk in the park, even for a folk hero – even Let Me Solo Her himself struggled to overcome Promised Consort Radahn, the expansion’s final boss (via PC Gamer).

After trying to defeat Shadow of the Erdtree’s final boss for two hours on stream yesterday, Let Me Solo Her finally overcame Radahn today in just an hour, although not without great difficulty. As always, the iconic jar helm stayed on, although he opted to sport the heavy Verdigris armour and a Carian Knight’s Shield to try and make headway. Promised Consort Radahn has been kicking the arses of gamers globally since the Elden Ring DLC dropped.

Despite getting Radahn’s first phase down pat quickly, his second phase, complete with lasers, proved challenging even for Let Me Solo Her. Their victory was sealed after three hours of failed attempts with some help from the Antspur Rapier (which inflicts Scarlet Rot). The battle ended up a pretty close call with a spicy low health bar at the end. “Holy crap, I am shaking,” Let Me Solo Her said once victory was sealed. Even heroes sometimes have a hard time, especially in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

After the fact, Let Me Solo Her called Radahn “really something else,” saying he’d probably attempt to do a hitless run on the final boss at some point – something he’s already mastered for Messmer the Impaler. It looks like we might see the Elden Ring legend soon ready to take on the final boss for others, which I’m sure will have many players currently struggling with Shadow of the Erdtree’s latter phases breathing a sigh of relief.

Have you managed to defeat Promised Consort Radahn yet, or have you been stuck in an infinite death loop as you try to make some headway? Let us know how you’re getting on in Shadow of the Erdtree in the comments.

Image: FromSoftware / Let Me Solo Her / Kotaku Australia

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