Final Fantasy 14 Players Can’t Shut Up About How Much They Love Dawntrail’s Wuk Lamat

Final Fantasy 14 Players Can’t Shut Up About How Much They Love Dawntrail’s Wuk Lamat

It hasn’t taken long for players in Final Fantasy 14 to get attached to the new expansion Dawntrail’s most important NPC. Launching in Early Access on June 28, it takes us all to the new location of Tural, to help the adorable Hrotghar Wuk Lamat in her own adventure. While it still feels too early to read overall reactions to the expansion as a whole, one thing is for sure: everybody loves Wuk Lamat.

The star of Dawntrail was first introduced in the final post-Endwalker patch (6.55), and we were already getting infatuated with the fuzzy catgirl, and the expansion has only made those feelings of love grow. Much of that has to do with her place in the expansion’s overarching story—in many ways, Dawntrail’s main character feels like Wuk Lamat, rather than the Warrior of Light. Unlike past expansions, the player is not the center of the world. Instead, it is the player’s job to help Wuk Lamat through her trials and tribulations. This gives her a unique character arc that has won over fans.

Her adorable character design doesn’t hurt either. She’s the first female Hrothgar players encountered, and the design of this energetic and wide-eyed catgirl is hard not to love. A lot of credit also goes to Sena Vryer, the voice behind Wuk Lamat, who does an incredible job bringing the character to life. All of these factors have combined to capture the hearts of Warriors of Light everywhere.

If you too want to enjoy the charms of everyone’s favorite Hrothgar, Dawntrail is currently in Early Access for players who pre-ordered the expansion. Everybody else will get access to Wuk Lamat and the larger adventures in Tural on July 2.

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