GTA 6 Fans Think They’ve Spotted A Trailer Reference In The New GTA Online Update

GTA 6 Fans Think They’ve Spotted A Trailer Reference In The New GTA Online Update

GTA Online appears to be referencing the GTA 6 trailer in a new cosmetic, with some fans theorising that this could herald the beginning of a new era for the highly popular online game.

Reddit user DogWifDreads (via IGN) spotted the cosmetic in the Bottom Dollar Bounties GTA Online update which bears a striking resemblance to something seen in the GTA 6 trailer. Cast your mind back to the December trailer, which includes a woman in a bikini taking a selfie by a rooftop pool. The new cosmetic in question appears to be the very same silver layered necklace she sports in the trailer.

“Dunno if anyone else has caught this but I was rewatching a trailer breakdown and I noticed that the necklaces seen here in the trailer have been added in GTAO with the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC,” DogWifDreads said in their post.

Fans in the subreddit seem pretty sure this new addition is something more than just new bling and could mean that GTA Online is about to transition over to its GTA 6 era – or at the very least, Rockstar is testing out assets in Online to see how they might fare in 6 when launch time comes. One particular user wondered if the price of the necklace could be a hint for the hotly-anticipated game’s release date or if it was just random digits – and truly, who knows?

Other theories ran wild in the post, with another user noticing that some tattoos have been reused between GTA Online and GTA 6 – specifically, the 3 smiley faces from the Los Santos Drug Wars update can also be seen on the character hanging out of the green truck in the upcoming title’s trailer.

While this isn’t the first time eagle-eyed GTA 6 fans have spotted easter eggs, clues, or references to the new game amongst GTA Online content (or pretty much anything to do with Rockstar, actually), it’s a neat little nod to the game. However, for those who’ve gone absolutely feral for the next instalment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, it might not be enough to tide them over until 2025 – so here’s hoping we get another glimpse at the game soon, lest the conspiracy theories, rumours, and deep dives run even more rampant.

Image: Rockstar Games

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