It’s Not Just You, The Xbox Network Is Down (Update: Xbox Gives All Clear)

It’s Not Just You, The Xbox Network Is Down (Update: Xbox Gives All Clear)

Update 10:55 AM AEST: The Xbox Status page now reads All Clear, but is still displaying the Major Outage icon. Congestion should begin to clear shortly as services return to normal.

If you’re struggling to log into Xbox Live this morning, you’re not the only one. The Xbox Live status page currently shows the login platform is currently down. All the other services appear to be up and running just fine, which is good. Unfortunately, not being able to log in means you won’t be able to access any of those services or your games until it comes back up!


Xbox has confirmed that the outage is a major one, and that it’s taking a little longer than normal to restore it. That sounds worse than it is — Xbox has shown in the past that even major outages can be light work for their network team to solve. We’ll keep an eye on the status page and update this yarn once Xbox confirms the login system is back up and running.

The obvious benefit of the Xbox Live login system being down this morning is that, should you not have any other responsibilities, you can now simply go outside and touch some grass. I know, scary prospect, but it’s good for you. Give it a try. For those who were still chewing through some annual leave for Elden Ring, you have my sympathies. Hopefully, they get it back up and running for you shortly.

Image: Xbox, Kotaku Australia

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