Make Dragons Fear You With This Shadow Of The Erdtree Katana

Make Dragons Fear You With This Shadow Of The Erdtree Katana

The Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana is a weapon you can only score in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. It has a killer move set and deals solid damage, making it an excellent choice for Dexterity builds. Its Ash of War is a visual delight as well, with the added bonus of making dragon-slaying a bit easier.

Here’s what you need to know about the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana and where to find it.

Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana stats and features

The Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana has a weight of 10.5 and requires the following stats to wield:

  • STR: 15
  • DEX: 20

The weapon comes equipped with Ash of War: Dragonwound Slash. This Ash of War cloaks the katana in a bright gravel-stone aura before sending your character leaping forward to unleash an overhead attack. Charging this skill will cause it to fire the aura as an arc for ranged damage, too. This skill does excellent damage to dragons.

The Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana can be upgraded to +10 with Somber Smithing Stones.

Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana item description

The Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana’s item description reads:

“Great katana with spines of gravel stone along its blade, wielded by the Ancient Dragon-Man of the Dragon’s Pit.

Has an anti-dragon effect.

Formerly a Dragon Communion warrior, the Ancient Dragon-Man was once arbiter of those worthy to devour the Dreaded One.”

Where to find the Dragon Hunter’s Great Katana

You’ll receive the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana upon defeating the Ancient Dragon-Man in the Dragon’s Pit dungeon. This dungeon can be found by descending into a cave in Gravesite Plain by heading southeast of the Pillar Path Site of Grace.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Kotaku

You’ll need to reach the end of this dungeon to face off against the Ancient-Dragon Man. This should be one of the easier dungeon bosses in the DLC, so just use heavy attacks to break his poise and keep him stunned. When he falls, you will claim the Dragon-Hunter’s Great Katana.


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