Man Sentenced To Four Months In Prison For Wielding Tiny Master Sword In Public

Man Sentenced To Four Months In Prison For Wielding Tiny Master Sword In Public

A man in England has been sentenced to four months in prison after police found him walking around outside while brandishing a miniature replica of the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda. Arguing that it was an actual weapon, the police eventually detained Anthony Bray, who claims he bought the replica online as a fidget toy.

As first reported by Eurogamer, Bray was spotted by CCTV operators with something visibly in his hand on June 8. It turns out that Bray was holding his Master Sword fidget toy while walking around the centre of the English town of Nuneaton. Considering the fact that the blade on the toy measures six inches (15 cm), the officers believed he was openly walking around with a weapon and eventually arrested Bray for carrying a “bladed article” when he approached them.

According to the reports, the too-long Master Sword fidget toy was in its sheath, though it could come off with the press of a button. Bray admitted that he could understand how his toy could be mistaken for a weapon, but also protested that he would’ve ever used it as such to no avail. Per the UK’s knife laws, you cannot carry a knife with a blade longer than three inches, so you can see why the police would’ve been concerned.

A sergeant of the investigations unit stated, “We take a zero tolerance to bladed articles in public, and Bray has fallen afoul of this. It is possible to find fidget toys that aren’t six-inch blades. It is possible not to walk down the street holding them out in front of you.”

If you ask me, four months is a bit much. Not only will Bray be in prison for a third of a year, but he’s also being made to pay a fine for…walking around with a toy. I can absolutely recognize the threat of a six-inch blade, but at some point, it feels like intent, as well as the manufacturer’s responsibility, needs to be taken into account. If he were a repeat offender with a history, perhaps you could more easily justify the sentence. But if the criteria for locking people up is now “has anxiety and likes The Legend of Zelda,” then they’re gonna have to come for all of us.

Image: Nintendo, NBCUniversal, Kotaku Australia

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