Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Minor Erdtree Incantation Is The Cutest Little Healer

Shadow Of The Erdtree’s Minor Erdtree Incantation Is The Cutest Little Healer

The Minor Erdtree Incantation can only be found in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. Casting it will allow you to continuously heal yourself and allies standing nearby, although there are better ways to heal a group. Even so, completionists and fans of tiny trees will no doubt still want to add this one to their collection.

Here’s what you need to know about the Minor Erdtree Incantation and where to find it.

Minor Erdtree Incantation stats and features

The Minor Erdtree Incantation takes 2 Memory Slots, costs 30 FP per use, and requires 70 Faith to cast.

This Incantation places a tiny Erdtree on the ground that will heal allies who stand in its vicinity. However, its high Faith requirement and generally poor healing makes it one of the weaker ways to AOE heal in the game, so you may find that it has limited use. Beyond looking, that is, completely adorable.

Minor Erdtree Incantation item description

The Minor Erdtree Incantation’s item description reads:

“Secret incantation of Queen Marika. Only the kindness of gold, without Order.

Creates a small, illusory Erdtree that continuously restores the HP of nearby allies.

Marika bathed the village of her home in gold, knowing full well that there was no one to heal.”

Where to find the Minor Erdtree Incantation

You can find the Minor Erdtree Incantation in the Shaman Village in Scaduview. To reach this location, start from the Back Gate Site of Grace in Shadow Keep. In a room near the Site of Grace is a statue you can move by standing in front and using the “O, Mother” gesture.

Screenshot: FromSoftware

Moving the statue will reveal access to the Hinterlands. Defeat the Tree Sentinels patrolling in this new area, then take a path to the right up a cliffside (if you reach a bridge you’ve gone too far) to reach the Shaman Village.

When you arrive, you’ll notice there’s very little to do. However, you should be able to spot a little tree all alone amidst a field of flowers. Sitting beside this tree is the Minor Erdtree Incantation.


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