Chris Neill

Chris Neill is an E-Commerce Editor who works across Pedestrian Group’s many titles, including PEDESTRIAN.TV, VICE Australia, Refinery29 Australia, Gizmodo Australia, Lifehacker Australia and Kotaku Australia. He is a journalist who primarily writes about video games, comic books and other nerdy topics, along with consumer and lifestyle technology. Chris has been working in print and digital media for several years, mainly writing pop culture-focused criticism. He was nominated finalist for “Best Consumer Technology Journalist” at the 22nd Annual IT Journalism Awards. His freelance work has been previously published by Comic Book Resources, Blunt Magazine, The Brag, Music Feeds and Junkee. He also runs Blueprint Comics, a Comic Arts Awards of Australia winning, independent press. You can find him on Twitter at @garflyf or you can contact him via email:

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    You Can Save Over $280 Off The 4TB Samsung 990 Pro SSD

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