Holden Miller

  • Beyond: Two Souls Is Coming October 8, Just Got Dafoe’d

    Sony has just revealed that Beyond: Two Souls will be bringing its innumerable polygons to PS3 on October 8. The announcement eschews any mention of PS4, but does have some extra flavour. Dafoe flavour. Yes, the rumour that Willem Dafoe is part of Quantic Dream’s ambitious title is true, despite David Cage’s denial of the…

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect Is Out Early 2014 For Xbox 360 And PS3

    Last week, Square Enix announced a secretive new title, Murdered: Soul Suspect. While a series of online puzzles have already revealed some cryptic images, today we have a teaser trailer and concrete information straight from Square Enix that the title will be out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC… in 2014.