There are a lot of collectible card games coming out lately. Magic is still going strong, Hearthstone is huge, Bethesda brought out Legends, Gwent is lots of fun, and more (DOTA 2!) are on the way. But many of these games seem intent on mimicking Hearthstone's spectacle-targetting randomness. Let's poke fun at a few of the more ridiculous cards.


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Gigabyte announced its new gaming laptop last week, the Aero 15, and it’ll start gracing the shelves in tech stores around Australia soon. It’s a 1060-packing warrior that boasts VR capability and a super light frame, and we got our grubby mitts on it.


Our friend and leader claymore35 nearly got yesterday's answer wrong, but edited it before anyone else could jump in and steal the glory. It was, as the first comment states, Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing. I was hoping a few people would get it confused with the more widely known podracing game on N64. Alright, here's another one!


I don't know about you, but the first time I laid fingertip to touchscreen and sliced my first grapefruit, I thought, this would work much better if I was just passively watching other people go on fruit-related adventures. Finally, that vision is realised.


With Australia's biggest esports event coming up this weekend, all eyes are on some of the international competitors flying down under. One of those is Renegades, the Aussie team that moved overseas to play in the big leagues -- but it just suffered a defeat against local upstarts Chiefs. The matches this weekend might be closer than we expected.


Black Iron Tarkus is one of the most badass characters in Dark Souls, but how would he fare in the modern dating world? We signed him up to Tinder to find out -- it would be his toughest challenge to date.


So yesterday's was a little tricky, because I'm sure everyone could tell that they were looking at an AT-AT (Michelangelo, eat your heart out), but it was a little harder to tell exactly which Star Wars game it was from...


We knew it was coming, and here's the first trailer. All of the Netflix heroes - Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist - are in one badass new show called The Defenders.