Katie Williams

  • I Can Be Just As Capable. Let Me.

    When I sit down at a computer, my left hand falls automatically into the inverted-V shape known well by all of you; middle three fingers arched across W, A, S and D. Pinky hovering over left-shift, my thumb resting lightly on the space bar. There’s a poetic comfort in this for me. I do it…

  • Australians At GDC: Kumobius

    Three towering complexes stand staunch against the city’s cold. Thousands of game developers spill from their doors. Excitement buzzes beneath the ground, from the basements in which countless huge humming computers try to process the tech-heavy new games that they are demonstrating. Back above ground, over-eager girls press energy drinks into the hands of passers-by.

  • Australians At GDC: Brawsome

    Three massive halls. Thousands of game developers. Enough free energy drinks to put a grown horse into cardiac arrest. This is the Game Developer’s Conference, and these are the Aussies who are braving the San Francisco cold and endless supply of caffeine to make their mark on the world stage.