CheapSkate Gamer is as sick as a dog. That is to say; as sick as a very sick dog. You know, one of the ones with a horrible case of influenza and blood-shot eyes? Yeah. One of those...


Welcome to CheapSkate Gamer - where the games are cheap and we are cheapskates. Also - Commander Computer Games!


Cheap$kate Gamer has got tiger-blood and Adonis DNA! Yeah, Cheap$kate Gamer is on a drug; It's called Cheap$kate Gamer! It's not available because if you use it your face will melt off and your children will grieve over your exploded body. WINNING!


CheapSkate Gamer is jam-packed like a jam sandwich that is packed into a kid's lunchbox! And Commander Computer Games makes his 'live action' debut...


18 days into the new year, and Cheap$kate Gamer is still going strong! It's a shorter list than usual, - and I hope, a one-off occurrence - but still it has a few games worthy of mentioning, so read on!


This week in CheapSkate Gamer, we examine the metaphysical effects that gaming has on the unconditioned mind. We will explore how use of violence in video games has both helped, and hindered, the video game industry...

...NAH! Let's get some deals on this plate!


Why have you forsaken us, oh great god of game discounts?! Do you not see the effect it has on CheapSkate Gamer?!
This is a sleeper week for deals, my friends. We must push through the drought and await the Holy Grail of sales; Christmas! Once those glorious sales appear, we will prosper! Hold strong, brothers and sisters!