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Popular culture caught up to Philip K. Dick. The audacious imaginings of the legendary science fiction author bled into thousands of ideologically descendant books, films, and movies, even as some technologies he dreamed up became reality. That catching-up poses a significant challenge for Electric Dreams, Stan's anthology TV series based on his short stories.


Writer Tom King has hit superhero comic stardom in the past few years with gripping series such as Marvel's The Vision, and DC's Batman and Mister Miracle, all of which took deep psychological dives into the minds of their protagonists. King's next project at DC sounds like it's going to do the same, but on a much larger scale.


Devilman Crybaby joined the Netflix roster last week, and it's one hell of an anime. A reimagining of the 1970s manga, it's a bloody story of love and loss. Staff writer Heather Alexandra and video producer Chris Person sat down to talk about why they love their precious demon boys.


There are a lot of amazing new movies coming in 2018, but there's also a long list of classic, iconic films that will be celebrating significant anniversaries this year. Here are the biggest science fiction, fantasy, and genre movie milestones happening in 2018. (You should probably be prepared to feel old.)


There are few people in the world better positioned to bend US president Donald Trump's ear than his daughter (and adviser) Ivanka Trump - someone who's been rightly criticised for being complicit in her father's draconian politics. But what if Ivanka decided to turn on her family and fight for the people? Black Mask Studio's Billionaire Killers, written by Matteo Pizzolo and illustrated by Soo Lee, asks that very question.


Every time I've found myself explaining the basic premise of Mark Russell and Mike Feehan's Snagglepuss: Exit Stage Left, people's immediate reactions have been the same. At first, there's light shock that DC would make a comic about a gay, closeted, anthropomorphic mountain lion and noted playwright. But then, after hearing more of the plot - how Snagglepuss becomes the newest target of the House Un-American Activities Committee's crusade to oust subversive voices from Hollywood - their reactions shift.