Doom does not perform nearly as well on the Switch as it does on PS4, Xbox One or PC. On Nintendo's latest console, Doom runs at a lower framerate, with big sacrifices in resolution and graphical fidelity. But really, isn't it a miracle that Doom is on the Switch at all?


If something is special to you, you want to be able to experience it in the purest way possible, momentarily free from everyday concerns and responsibilities, and most of all from the constant, uninterrupted din of the internet. But there's getting to experience a game fresh and then there's what Mario fans have been doing ever since Super Mario Odyssey released.


Launching in late 2012, Nintendo's Miiverse allowed Wii U and later 3DS owners to hang out and share stuff like hand-drawn pictures and screenshots. The service closed down yesterday, and users have said their goodbyes in the most Miiverse ways imaginable: with stick figures, tears and hairy dicks.