"The Switch is a punk console," says game director Goichi Suda, aka Suda 51. "I was shocked by it. I thought, whoever made this must have something wrong with them. In a positive way. This guy must be messed up in the head to think of something like this."


There was a time, so many years ago now, when it felt like we had too much Metroid. The simultaneous launch of Prime and Fusion in 2002, followed up with another one-two volley of Metroids two years later. "Slow down!" we cried. "We can't keep up with all this Metroid!"


After disappearing from store shelves, the NES Classic is returning next year. But that isn't all: The Super NES Classic will continue to be shipped through 2018. In Japan, the Super Famicom will still get shipped after October, and the Famicom Mini is going back into production. Hot damn.


When Splatoon 2 launched, the Stingray was a special that sounded neat on paper. A giant blast of paint, firing across the map, dousing all in sight. In practice, not so much. But the most recent patch to Splatoon 2 has added some oomph back to the Stingray, and it's becoming a new favourite of mine.


The Switch is such a familiar part of the gaming landscape now that it's strange to consider that Nintendo's hybrid device is about to head into its first holiday season. What's even stranger is that for Baby's First Christmas, Nintendo's lineup is overloaded with deep single-player fantasy adventures: Role-playing games Skyrim and Xenoblade Chronicles, and the RPG-tinged action of Fire Emblem Warriors.