Gabriel Angelos might have no trouble surviving, but chances are you might struggle a bit more in the Dawn of War universe. So if you're new to the series, or your last taste of Dawn of War was back when the PS3 still ran Linux and the 360 looked like the Ring of Red Space Marines, here's some tips for playing Dawn of War 3.


Hey it's the weekend. That was quick! A public holiday on Tuesday seemed to help that along.

What are you all playing? I'm still wrapped up in Zelda. For the first time in a maybe a decade I'm finding myself wishing I didn't have to finish a game. I just wish I could play this game forever.


The final instalment in feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian's look at the depiction of women in video games ran today, focusing on how games depict women (and men) as sidekicks. The 11-minute episode concludes two eight-episode seasons of possibly the most controversial series of cultural criticism about games in the medium's history.


Remember Blush Box?

Blush Box is an all-female, superstar collective of women in the Australian games industry.

Last year they flew to Norway to make a video game in less than 48 hours.

This year they're putting together an Australian conference about love, sex and video games.

It's called 'Heartbeat'.


Next Friday, Arkane Austin will release their newest game, Prey, closing the loop on a minor four-year meta-story involving that studio and me. It's only fitting that one of Prey's achievements is a shoutout to Press Sneak Fucks.


If you have kids, and you occasionally can't be bothered cooking lunch on a Saturday, McDonald's Happy Meals are extremely useful. Cheap plastic toys are part of this equation. Currently, it's Batman themed, which my four-year-old is very happy about. That's cool, but Batman isn't as cool as Mario. Clearly.

And Mario Happy Meal toys are currently what's happening in the US, which got me wondering: will these toys make it to the shores of Australia?

The answer to that question is "yes".