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Youituber Formula standing outside the new mansion he just co-purchased with other Fortnite players.  (Screenshot: One Per cent)

Fortnite YouTubers Buy Mansion, Decorate It Like Sad Teenagers

Behold the One Per cent Fortnite house, a mansion some gaming YouTubers bought and proceeded to turn into a vaguely fun-looking giant home office. It’s both a reminder that even when you’ve “made it” as an influencer the grind never stops, and also that most people have no idea how…

asus portable gaming monitor

Portable 240Hz Gaming Monitors Are Coming To Australia

Gaming screens are getting bigger every year, but there’s another option that’ll soon be available: superfast portable gaming monitors. One of the neatest things at Computex last year was the rise of small, portable gaming monitors. I’m not talking a tiny screen that just acts as a second screen, but…

valorant weapon skin

VALORANT Is Releasing $138 Weapon Skins

If you were ever wondering how exactly Riot intended to make bank on VALORANT, here’s your answer: skins that cost over $130. Riot Games announced the first cosmetic for their free-to-play shooter overnight, unveiling the first set of dragon-inspired weapons. It’s called Elderflame, and the guns, quite literally, look like…

Telstra, NBN 100

Telstra Has a New Deal on NBN 100 Plans

If you’re on the hunt for a new NBN 100 plan, Telstra’s latest offering might be of some interest. Telstra has cut the price of its NBN 100 plan for new customers by $20 per month for the first three months they’re with Telstra. Using the promo will giving you…

switch games under $30

The Best Physical Switch Games Under $30

With eShop sales a weekly event, plenty of Switch owners have gone digital only. But if you like the feel of a physical cart, or want games you can more easily swap between actual Switch consoles, it can be hard to snag a real bargain. Which isn’t to say that…

Screenshot: Square Enix

Happy 20th Anniversary To My Favourite Final Fantasy

In 2000, after a pair of PlayStation games that were more science fiction than swords and sorcery, I wanted a Final Fantasy that skewed heavily towards classic fantasy fare. Final Fantasy IX, released on July 7, 2000, in Japan, was exactly the game I was looking for.

This Incredible Bloodborne Art Gets My Heart Pumping

This is not the first time Kotaku UK has covered Raquel Cornejo’s gorgeous artwork, but it is certainly my personal favourite. Cornejo lives in Valencia and has contributed to games like Hitman 2, Call of Duty: WWII and Metroid: Samus Returns. But her latest fan-project takes on nothing less than what science has declared* the greatest game ever…

top amazon gaming deals

Five Top PS4 Amazon Australia Deals Today

Grab a discount on Death Stranding, Last of Us Part 2, F1 2020 or save on your Ghost Of Tsushima pre-order. Amazon’s business is very much predicated on price cuts relative to its competitors, and that includes games of all types. Here’s some solid deals on very popular PS4 games…

That’s One Way To Make A Custom Switch Pinball Controller

Joy-Con shoulder buttons don’t make very comfortable pinball flipper controls. That’s why Nerds&Makers’ Tommy Williamson harnessed the power of creativity and 3D printing to create the SwitchPin, a TV-spanning Joy-Con dock the sole purpose of which is to turn two buttons into two other buttons.

this week in games

This Week In Games: Full Body F1

Like racing? Creepy indies? Bizarre puzzlers? Or boxy WW2 shooters? Then there’s a ton of new games that might take your fancy this week. Despite none of the big releases landing this week — Ghost of Tsushima isn’t for a fortnight — there’s still plenty of new games to enjoy. Superliminal is…

assassins creed valhalla gameplay

30 Minutes Of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Gameplay Has Leaked

As is customary for Assassin’s Creed and seemingly every other major game these days, a huge chunk of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla gameplay has leaked online. The game is due to be shown off in more detail next week at Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft virtual replacement for their annual E3 conference. Ubisoft came under fire…