Chuck Wendig's Aftermath books act as a sort of in-between trilogy, bridging a lot of the gap between the original Star Wars trilogy and The Force Awakens. Each book has been better than the one before it, and Empire's End is the best by far. It also brings a lot of changes and additions to the new canon. Here's everything we learned about a galaxy far, far away.


And here's your daily reminder that Mass Effect fans are really into banging aliens. So into it that they're even delving into the details of the game's as-yet unfinalised ESRB rating to try and figure out just how much alien genitalia they'll be able to ogle in the game. Some of Bioware's top brass have also been jumping in on the discussions on Twitter, true to form, and fueling some salacious gossip.


The Microsoft Store is selling the 500GB Xbox One S bundled with a choice of six popular games for just $299. That's $100 off the usual RRP. The deal also includes the snazzy Gears Of War 4 Special Edition console pictured above. Here are the links to buy online.


In these turbulent times, it can be hard to focus on making video games. The world is on fire! Tightening up the graphics on level three probably won't do much to put it out. Ramsey Nasser was feeling that way, so he decided to make games about punching nazis.


Most people will be grabbing a copy of Breath of the Wild alongside their Switch this week - and those that don't buy a Switch now will probably pick up copy of Zelda down the road when they do. (And if you're holding onto your Wii U, then chances are you're definitely grabbing Zelda soon.)

But there aren't many Switch bundles that come with Breath of the Wild. So to help you out, here's the cheapest copies of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the country.