The visual style of the Borg in Star Trek -- with its protruding cables, dark metals, and monolithic sameness -- is unmistakable, and has become, since the collective's introduction in Star Trek: The Next Generation, iconic science fiction. They're cool villains, and now you can merge your own technological uniqueness with theirs.


As time has passed, the internet has slowly learned more about Free Radical's cancelled Battlefront 3 project. The idea was to expand upon Battlefront 2's grand battles, allowing a seamless transition from space dogfighting to ground combat.

Free Radical's efforts were eventually canned though, after a change in LucasArts leadership. But while it doesn't feature a full space to ground transition, the final mission of DICE's Battlefront echoes some of the spirit of the cancelled project.

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OK, look. I'm not the first person to say this, and I certainly won't be the last. But iOS 11 is bad. The new operating system has turned my phone into a bug-infested carcass of its former self, and the frustration of trying to use it sometimes makes me want to die, too.


In the middle of talking to me about his upcoming documentary on The Simpsons, comic Hari Kondabolu described watching the show with his brother. It was a Treehouse of Horror episode, a Halloween-themed series of vignettes that The Simpsons does every year.

In this episode, parodying The Most Dangerous Game, Mr. Burns hunts humans and says, "I smell fear ... and curry." Of course, he then shoots Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the Indian convenience store owner from the show.


Good work anyone who guessed The Incredible Machine, which was Friday's game. Matt_phipps jumped in first, though.

Let's see how you go today.