Riot Games revealed the drop rates for League of Legends' loot crates yesterday, offering transparency for a system that until now has been opaque. This comes during a time when loot boxes have triggered a great deal of outrage among players, pundits and even politicians.


Players who pick up Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on Steam before May 1 will receive the Half-Life Pack, allowing Noctis and multiplayer characters to cosplay Gordon Freeman. There's even a crowbar.


Overwatch League has a talent desk crowded with men who can't seem to find a button-up shirt that fits them. But every now and then, the hosts step out of the box and show off a look that catches the eye, one way or another. I sat down with Kotaku's seasoned fashion writer Gita Jackson to run down the OWL hosts' outfits in Stage 1.


I'm not sure Batman: Arkham Knight is a game anyone can ever finish. There's so much to it, even if you skip the 200+ Riddler trophies and the mountains of "AR" challenges. I've needed to clear space on my PS4 and was considering deleting it before going back and realising there's more fun stuff in this game I'd never done.


If you've got a beefy PC, Kingdom Come: Deliverance can really push it hard thanks to the advanced shadow, lighting and rendering tech. But even with a pretty decent gaming PC, the game's Ultra High and even High presets are pretty demanding.


At a modern LAN cafe in downtown Manhattan, a teenager with floppy brown hair zones out to a Kingdom Come: Deliverance Twitch stream. He's lounging with a Mountain Dew and an empty cup of coffee. Behind him, 30 PCs glow with light from rounds of League of Legends and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.