Sunday Comics: Is This True?

Hello! It’s time for Kotaku’s Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics. The images enlarge if you click on the magnifying glass icon.

5 Incredible Hours With Cyberpunk 2077

I have a test that lets me know whether I’ll enjoy an open-world game. It’s very simple: The more I find myself wandering, looking for side quests, exploring what I can find in the side streets, the more fun I’ll generally have.

That test served me well with Cyberpunk 2077.

Always. Be. Checking. (Image: Zupnik Enterprises, Kotaku)

An Excerpt From Glengarry Glen Nook

“Let me have your attention for a moment. I wanna talk about something important. Put that lily-of-the-valley down. Lilies-of-the-valley are for checkers only. Do you think I’m Flip-ping with you? I am not Flip-ping with you. I’m here from Nook Inc.I’m here from Timmy and Tommy. And I’m here on…

Saints Row 2 (Screenshot: Steam)

Here’s July 2020’s Xbox Live Games With Gold

July’s Xbox Live Games with Gold has cars, basketball, and a Saints Row game that existed before Saints Row IV, the best one. As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Screenshot: Nintendo, Kotaku

Kubfu Is The Star Of Pokémon Sword And Shield’s New Expansion

Last week, Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armour expansion introduced plenty of cool new features to Nintendo’s latest monster hunting/gathering game. Some hits include the fact Pokémon that follow you (Gen IV-style) and a pair of deliciously snarky rivals. But the real star of the show is a roundhouse-kicking…

Screenshot: Square Enix

Marvel’s Avengers Assembled Today For A More In-Depth Preview

Today, Square Enix assembled the team and showed off some more in-depth gameplay from the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. During a half-hour event called the “War Table,” viewers were treated to a deeper look at the combat system, the mission structure, and the villain (a big brain named M.O.D.O.K.). This, of…

Wizards Of The Coast Cut Ties With Sexual Predator

Noah Bradley, an artist known for his contributions on over 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards, has been cut off from all work with Wizards of the Coast after a number of serious sexual assault allegations were made against him over the past week.

Just Some Really Silly Iron Man Armors

Tony Stark can’t stop tinkering — a habit that has given him nothing but grief his entire superhero career. Usually, it ends up with him obsessively fixating on an idea to the point he starts some kind of superheroic civil war or accidentally helps develop technology that will destroy the…

chris avellone dying light 2 techland

Dying Light 2 Cuts Ties With Chris Avellone After Allegations Surface

RPG writer Chris Avellone and the makers of Dying Light 2 have agreed to cut ties, after allegations surfaced online over Avellone’s conduct towards women. Avellone, best known for his work on Divinity: Original Sin 2, the Fallout series, Planescape: Torment, and more recently Prey, Into the Breach, Jedi: Fallen Order and the Pillars of Eternity games, was working as the narrative…