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PlayStation Has A Ton Of Bargains Under $20

Titanfall 2. Far Cry 3. Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Dishonored. Pillars of Eternity. Yoku’s Island Express. Gorogoa. A Jagged Alliance game. There’s tons of bargains on the PlayStation Store right now, and they’re all going for less than $20.

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The Future Of The Video Game Labour Movement

When I left the gaming labour group Game Workers Unite International in late 2019, I had sent them a letter that criticised how they handled racism, power, and transparency. After two years of intense burnout and unsupportive leadership, I never intended to involve myself with the labour movement again.

We are whatever we eat.  (Gif: Young Horses)

One Week Later, The Bugsnax Song Is Still Looping In My Brain

I’ve had the theme song from Bugsnax stuck in my head since last Thursday’s PlayStation 5 reveal. Its name is never far from my lips and is often the answer I give to completely unrelated questions. My brain’s default resting state has been set to Bugsnax. Is that bad? It…

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That All-Black Pikachu Probably Wasn’t Hinting At Anything

In addition to the surprise reveal of New Pokémon Snap, this morning’s Pokémon broadcast also included an intriguing cameo from an all-black Pikachu plush, which hung out in the background while company president Tsunekazu Ishihara presented on stream. But don’t get too excited; it seems this was just an opportunity…

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Even The Wii U Lived Longer Than The Confederacy

Did you know every major gaming generation has lasted longer than the Confederacy that sparked the American Civil War? That nascent nation only managed to hold out for a little over four years. And yet, instead of erecting statues to the Xbox, the United States continues to honour Confederate figures…

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Steam Game Festival Lets You Try Out Upcoming Games

It is mid-June. We are now deep into what would have been E3 season, if E3 existed on another planet that wasn’t plunging deeper and deeper into turmoil with every passing second. But hey, digital events are fun. On that note, the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, which Valve rescheduled…

New Game For Treatment Of ADHD Requires A Prescription

A new game designed to treat some ADHD symptoms in kids aged 8-12 has been officially approved by the The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, meaning that anyone who wants to attempt treating children with the game needs to get a prescription first.

EVE Online Mini-Game Lets Players Help In The Fight Against Covid-19

EVE Online players are once again being given an opportunity to do real-world science from the comfort of their spaceships. Today marks the launch of the third time EVE’s Project Discovery mini-game has been re-imagined. Project Discovery is an in-game tool that enables EVE players to serve as citizen scientists….

Screenshot: Tale of Fortune, Steam

Steam Switcheroo Swaps “Pirate Action” Game For Hentai

There’s a small but growing trend on Steam where developers take existing games that few people have ever seen or played and just…swap them out, replacing them with entirely different games, albeit ones using the same store page.

Screenshot: The Chinese Room

Little Orpheus Is A Fantastic Cold War Era Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

In Little Orpheus, the latest game from Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture developer The Chinese Room, Soviet cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich is debriefed on the 1962 mission that saw him exploring the secret world beneath the planet’s crust in a massive atomic-powered drilling machine. It’s got dinosaurs, lost civilisations, and all…

‘Shop Contest: Ladders, Winners!

Ladders! They’re like stairs but cooler, taller and more portable. And ladders were finely added to The Sims 4. So to celebrate, I asked you folks to give more gaming characters ladders.

pc gaming show watch 2020

Watch The PC Gaming Show Live Here

The traditional E3 schedule has been completely torn to pieces, but some staples still remain. One of those is the PC Gaming Show, hosted by old favourites Sean “Day[9]” Plott and Frankie Ward, and it’s kicking off this Sunday.