Players who earn enough points during Star Wars: Battlefront 2 matches can play as a variety of special characters, from hi-tech Stormtroopers to the Emperor himself, but none are as deadly as the Wookiee Warrior. A new patch has nerfed these overpowered creatures and brought an end to their hairy reign of terror.


Last week, after a temporary hiccup thanks to a power supply that was dead out of the box, I finished building my first gaming PC. For the past few days I've been using it extensively, and as a result, I've experienced a number of brand new feelings that I'd like to share.


When Epic Games originally announced a Battle Royale mode for its co-op zombie survival game Fortnite, the internet seemed sceptical. Battlegrounds had already taken over the world, so it was easy for Fortnite: Battle Royale to look like a trend-chasing copycat. Months later, the studio's enormous player base seems to have proven everyone wrong.

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After the latest MacBook Pro refresh failed to deliver the kind of features buyers really wanted, Apple's competitors sensed weaknesss. Instead of an overabundance of USB-C ports and gimmicky touch screens above the keyboard, systems like the new Spectre x360 15 are hoping to entice users back to PC land by offering way better flexibility, faster performance and the ability to live life dongle-free.


Contrary to how most people play RollerCoaster Tycoon, crashes aren't my first preference. Too much indiscriminate death and destruction. I like to mete out my fury in teaspoons, slipped to my guests one by one. Individual tragedy lets you enjoy the subtleties of suffering, and forces your subject to wonder what they did to deserve it. Because it's so tailored that they must have done something, right? Psychological and physical torment, in one convenient package.

So, upon completing several challenges in Planet Coaster, I decided to reward myself with a nice, traditional drowning.


With an interesting deep space setting, a clever zero-gravity movement system and plenty of hands-on interaction, Ready At Dawn's Oculus exclusive Lone Echo ticks all the technical boxes required to be an excellent virtual reality game. But its greatest feat is making me believe a woman could ever love an unfeeling robot like me.


I used to dream of cyberspace. Inspired by the speculative fiction of William Gibson, Cyberpunk role-playing, and movies such as The Lawnmower Man, I imagined falling down a digital rabbit hole into a world of light, colour and geometric shapes. A world where I'd interact with fellow travellers decked out in wild and creative custom avatars. Massive online social space VRChat is a lot like the electronic playground I imagined, only completely ridiculous.


The underwater city of BioShock is great and all, but is it something that could actually exist? Fortunately, we have these little things called "mathematics" and "physics" that allow us to answer such a question without, you know, going to the trouble of putting on a diving suit, hammer and nails in hand.