Nice work, nangaz. I didn't expect Betrayal at Krondor to be an easy game to spot, but you picked it out in just over an hour. That's not too bad for something a bit left field.

But can you do just as well today?


Well done Wisehacker - yesterday's game was the original Halo. Only took a minute to knock that one off its perch.


Gemini nailed it again! The last game was Super Metroid. Well spotted.

But how will you go with today's game?


Nice work daj_27 - yesterday's game was Ridge Racer. Ridge Racer 7 to be exact.

Let's see how you all go with today's game.


Yesterday's game was Kirby's Dream Course - well done to Tiddleywhomp and John (although John wasn't 100% confident)!

Let's see how you go with today's game.


Virtual reality still has a way to go, but it's pretty much solidified itself as a technology.

The situation in the '90s was a lot less certain, and the technology far less powerful. But that didn't stop companies from trying, including SEGA, who put together a prototype called SegaScope 3-D.


Claymore35 and Gemini both got their first: it was the compass from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I was thinking of MOHAA because Call of Duty is coming out, and Infinity Ward (makers of the originals) cut their teeth with that Normandy landing scene.


Good job smithtacular! Friday's game was the original Assassin's Creed. I'd already been a bit cheeky with Super Mario Odyssey earlier in the week, but I figured the original AC was a good pick given the release of Origins.

Let's see if you can pick today's game...


Yesterday's game was Beyond Good and Evil, but it seems the clue I drew was a bit too obscure. Sorry, people.

Let's see how you go with today's game!


Gemini got it first yesterday: the icon was the repair tool from Red Alert 2.

Let's see how you all go with today's game!


These days it’s not unusual to read stories about game collectors buying rare game cartridges for thousands of dollars. But what is in those cartridges? Typically just code and data stored in one or more ROM (Read Only Memory) chips.

In my last story, Fixing Gran Trak 10, I documented the first arcade game to use a ROM. The problem was which ROM? Was it the one we found over and over again with the number 74186 or was there an earlier, much rarer ROM with the number 74181?


So, I was a bit cheeky with yesterday's ScribbleTaku. As Johnpond1989 guessed, it was from Super Mario Odyssey. Tad unfair given the game isn't out yet, but people are hyped enough that I figured someone would recognise it.

So as a mea culpa of sorts, here's a game that's a little more recognisable.


Nobody grabbed Friday's game! It's a bit hard to do a second clue for: it was from the original You Don't Know Jack games. But there aren't too many buttons and icons to copy, so a new game it is.


Easy one yesterday: it was Breath of the Wild. Specifically the noise meter, near the bottom right.

Let's see how you go with today's game.