These days Monolith are better known for their work on the Nemesis system and Shadow of Mordor. But back in the day they also produced one of the most intriguing and unusual shooters of its time - the flawed, but unabashedly fun Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.


Friday's game wasn't Minecraft and it wasn't Crash Bandicoot, although the latter was very close.


The absence of a proper single-player campaign, if not a story, in Star Wars: Battlefront was making me nostalgic. After all, the Star Wars shooter games had great single-player levels — and arguably decent stories, too.

But this week, I wanted to go back a little further. So I decided to return to something that was even more classic than the Star Wars games — and had a single-player campaign that was just as much fun to run through.


Good work psync and fester: they both, within minutes of each other, spotted Red Alert 2 yesterday.


"First you need to register," the staffer at Club Sega tells me. "Then after you do that, you can put money on your IC card." The lowest option is ¥1000 ($11), and the highest one is ¥200,000 ($2288). The staffer adds, "And this machine only accepts cash. But first, I need to take your fingerprints."


Soldant knew they were on the money last night - because they were the only ones to correctly guess yesterday's game was, in fact, Cannon Fodder.


Yup, you were all on the money yesterday. The game in question was indeed Rogue, and Zombie Jesus correctly spotted that it was taken from the PC version, given the way the doors were rendered. Nice pickup.


So people got close yesterday, but not quite on the money. Those that guessed a boxing game were halfway there, but nobody got the exact game.


When I think about retro games, forget Mario, Sonic or even Tetris. I think Zork. The quirky text adventure, published by Personal Software (and then Infocom) back in 1980, screwed with players in many, many ways (when it wasn't sending grues after them). I thought I knew its best secrets — that is until prominent developer Ryan C. Gordon‏ revealed the granddaddy of them all... and the most underhanded use of randomness I've seen in a game for a while.


I don't have any answers as to what Friday's ScribbleTaku was. My gut says Earthworm Jim, but I can't confirm to be sure. Mark's on holiday, so we'll have to leave that one in limbo for a while.

Until then, here's a new game to have a crack at.


It's been a while since I've done ScribbleTaku, so I'm glad it was Casual Prolix — an old nemesis of mine — who defeated me!

Correct, yesterday's drawing was Parappa The Rapper.

Good luck with today's effort!


Well, well, well. Look who managed to stump you all. Coming out of ScribbleTaku retirement and y'all still can't handle these skills.

Looks like you need a second clue...


Hell_Rok — you ruined the paradox.

I thought everyone would guess Monday's ScribbleTaku super quickly, turns out it was harder than I thought. But then Hell_Rok 'rokked' up and correctly guessed that my drawing was Advance Wars. Well done!


It is time to invoke the ScribbleTaku paradox. When I try really hard to make ScribbleTaku difficult, y'all guess it in seconds.

When I think it's too easy no-one can guess it.

I don't want to let you know which category this falls under, because that would be a subtle clue.

Good luck.


Nobody got yesterday's game, which is strange given how much people love the ... icon. I can't really say much more than that. I can give you a second hint, however.