Hooray! Just about everyone got Monkey Island 2 yesterday. The second hint proved much better than the first, it seems.

Let's see if we can't close off the week with a classic.


Since about four minutes after anyone can remember first hearing the word "website", there have been "Top 100 Worst Video Game Box Art" listicles on the internet. It is now 2018 and many of the boxes writers had beef against in 1998 still top today's iterations of those lists. In this special 30-minute video, Gita Jackson and I (Tim Rogers) discuss 60 textbook examples of "bad" video game box art for exactly 30 seconds each. What a fancy concept!


Adaris-ah and gz finally picked up yesterday's game: it was Warcraft 3. The icons were from the UI, first the standard move icon followed by the Rejuvenation spell from the Druid. Nice work, you two.

Let's see how you all go with today's game.


A prominent Donkey Kong forum has removed some scores supposedly earned by legendary arcade game player Billy Mitchell after evidence that there was possible foul play. Mitchell's scores, which had set world records in Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., had been recognised by the forum for eight years.


So it's a new week. Everyone nailed last week's ScribbleTaku (Jetpack Joyride) so we've got a fresh game today.


As you might have seen, today is Mark's last day. So the ScribbleTaku could only be one thing.


Last week, I invited my longtime friend Bennett Foddy into Kotaku Headquarters to play the hardest part of Battletoads. I did this because Bennett Foddy made Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, and therefore deserves this. He gave two hours of his valuable time to the task of traversing the Turbo Tunnel. Did he make it? Well, here's a video. Warning: It might burn your brain.


So, what was yesterday's game. It was Master of Magic, the MicroProse turn-based 4X that basically applied the Civilization formula to a fantasy setting. I didn't play it myself until after Civilization 2 launched, which kind of ruined everything, but it was still fun enough back in the day.


It's been a good week on the remaster front. Shadow of the Colossus is shaping up great. The closed beta for Age of Empires 1 just kicked off, and we're not far away from Bayonetta hitting the Switch. But there are plenty of deserving games out there that still haven't gotten a fresh coat of paint.


Nobody got the final ScribbleTaku of last week, which is a shame. I guess there's not many fans of FMV games around, because the game was Gabriel Knight 2.

Let's see how you all go with today's game.