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Elysian Park, near Dodger Stadium in LA, isn't just home to dry grass. There's also, if you're willing to equip a map (or... go for a walk) a classic arcade surprise lurking in the trees, courtesy of a local artist.


The Los Angeles schools' billion-dollar big idea to give every kid an iPad has skidded to an embarrassing stop after the first recipients -- including a valedictorian candidate -- figured out a way to crack the security imposed on the devices to play games like Temple Run.


After filling the heads of game journalists everywhere with dreams of an Electronic Entertainment Expo taking place somewhere else for a change, the Entertainment Software Association crushes our hopes and dreams for three more years.


The best trailer for the video game L.A. Noire that its creators never made would have featured a man's face. The face would have been that of an unremarkable owner of a liquor store in 1947 Los Angeles, a hard-working type. His face would be creased, just a little, from the effects of encroaching middle age.


Brigitte Burdine, a casting director with credits spanning World of Warcraft, Killzone 2 and Mortal Kombat, was killed early this morning in a hit-and-run accident as she was walking home from a late-night date with her boyfriend. She was 48.


Renowned for its blood, glares and exposed breasts, the God of War series is also famous for having some rather exquisite artwork associated with its games. North American fans of this art should keep Saturday night free.