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In case you're asleep when it hits, almost every day here on Kotaku I run a feature called Fine Art. It's a chance to showcase the work of artists who spend most of their time out of the spotlight, yet who also play a vital role in shaping the way we identify - and fall in love - with our favourite series.


In the last 24 hours of the year, I finally got around to making my top 10 list for 2013. As a special bonus, I'm including my list of shame for everything I didn't get around to this year.


Over this past year, I've shown you my picks for the anime you should be watching for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. You've even had the chance to weigh in on your favourites. So without further ado, here are Kotaku's picks for the best anime of 2013.


What did we get from this year of next-gen press conferences, console launches, Nintendo Directs, and huge open-world games? Some good times. And some amazing animated GIFs.


We spend a lot of time talking about the future. What's on the horizon, what's coming, what's the next big thing. Between the hype-laden developer diaries and the publisher-approved preview events, you'd be forgiven for thinking there's no room left for surprises in video-game land. But of course, you'd be wrong.


Sorry, Super Mario 3D World. Hundreds? Hell of a game. You were grand, Tearaway. I liked so many games in 2013 that I can't put all the great ones on my Top 10. But I can put, uh, 10. (Actually, I'm going with 11.)


A DLC add-on. A trippy mobile psychodrama. A triumphant rebirth. A chilling sci-fi future. A giant arcade cabinet that lives in New York City. This is what I'll remember most about my video game experiences in 2013.


This year I turned 40 and, looking back, my gaming habits appear to have aged as well. In 2013, I probably acquired more titles and played fewer of them, overall, than in any other year. My pile of shame is so large it might spontaneously combust.


And so 2013 draws to a close. We've seen a ton of amazing cosplay in our weekly Fancy Pants feature, but what you're about to see is the very best of it.


Japanese games can be quite at odds with their Western counterparts. They can be strange. They can be sexy. They can be horrific and brutal. They can also be pretty much similar to what we're used to, crafted, of course, with love and great care. This year, it was no different.


When it comes to a list like this, it's important to know why I enjoy gaming. Frankly, it's the same reason I enjoy books, movies, TV, and anime: I love a well-told story. And though some of the games here may not be the pinnacle of gameplay, you're bound to get an awesome story, if nothing else.


It's the most wonderful time of the year. The time when I get to produce a list of 10 games I love, and then present them to the internet, a large percentage of which throw things. I can't change what I love, people.


I was cleaning out some of the 900 photos and movies on my iPhone when I realised, "Hey, these kind of tell the story of my year of playing, reporting and writing about video games." These might be fun to share.


2013 was one hell of a year for video games. So much action, so much drama! Such suspense, such anger and jubilation! It was a year of great change, in which things didn't always always go according to plan and plenty of games failed to live up to expectations.


What a year it's been, this, the Year of Luigi. There were a lot of great games this year. And a lot of great games that can easily compete for the title my personal Best Game Of 2013.