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If it wasn't for his wife getting a Fullbright teaching scholarship, Civilization 2 -- or Civilization 2000, as it was called internally -- may never have seen the light of day. But that's what happened to Brian Reynolds, lead designer on the iconic game, who relocated from the United States to London to support his partner.


When people hail the pioneering classics of the RTS genre, they go through a list of usual suspects. Games like Cytron Masters, Dune II, Command & Conquer, Sega's Herzog Zwei...but there's one I don't think ever gets enough due, and that's Spectrum Holobyte's Fields of Glory.


Video: Sid Meier's name is on the box, but Civilization was actually the brainchild of two designers. Bruce Shelley is the other, and here are both men giving a good talk on the history of the series.


My first experience with the X-COM franchise was Terror from the Deep, but once I'd finished it I went on to tackle UFO Defense and X-COM: Apocalypse. All brilliant games in their own way, they forever shaped my gaming tastes. So you can imagine how sick I felt when series creator Julian Gollop revealed the very first game dodged two giant bullets on its way to becoming a finished product.


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Due out this spring, H.A.W.X. 2 looks like a perfect fit for fans of aerial combat. The question is, are there still enough of those fans around to support a big series like this?


If you are or will be in the Milwaukee area over the weekend, be sure to drop by the Olympia Resort for the 2008 Midwest Gaming Classic, the Midwest's largest electronic gaming convention. Visitors will be able to buy and play classic to current arcade and pinball machines, buy, sell, and trade your video game systems, games, and accessories, or listen to talks given by guest speakers like modder Ben Heckendorn, Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day, former EGM editors "Trickman" Terry and Sushi X, and Marty Goldberg, who will be talking about the plans to revitalize the classic Microprose brand. It sounds like a damn fine way to spend some time and money over the weekend. Tickets are $US 10 a day for adults, or completely free for children 12 and under. Hit up the website for directions and more information. The 2008 Midwest Gaming Classic