• The Best Games Of 2015

    As we head towards the late decade, our year’s end lists are becoming harder to write, simply because there were so many great games of the era. As video game technology matured and the awkward days of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch titles settled, 2015 bore some wonderful gaming fruit. Here are a just…

  • Here Are My Picks For Mods Of The Year

    Any PC fan will tell you that mods can extend, improve or revive a game’s prospects, and the ModDB repository is the home for just about every decent mod under the sun. As is the case every year, the site nominates its top 100 mods and then opens the doors for fans to vote. But…

  • My Five New Year’s Gaming Resolutions For 2015

    New Year’s Resolutions are normally focused on lifestyle changes — losing weight, eliminating habits, etc — but I thought it might be useful to write some gaming resolutions. Here are some of the bad habits I want to eliminate during the coming year, and some positive habits and I want to get myself into.