Dog Newscasters Are The Best Newscasters

You know, this is kind of like doge meets the evening news. In Japan, 7-Eleven’s banking service, fittingly called Seven Bank, has a series of short ads starring a dog-in-a-suit with the punny name, Shibao Inuyama.

Fake 7-Elevens That Fool No One

Not that they would! But the next time you step into a, say, 7-Twelve in China or a 7-Minutes in Russia, remember that you’re not actually in a 7-Eleven. Got it?

7-Eleven Enters The Used Video Game Business

7-Eleven Enters The Used Video Game Business

A Slurpee and a used copy of Prototype? It’s more likely than you think. 7-Eleven is teaming up with Game Trading Technologies to offer a wide selection of “Great Games Below $US20” at franchise locations throughout the US.