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Designing a good video game puzzle is a challenge. It's not just a matter of making it too hard or too easy. It takes a lot of iteration, pulling the right levers to make the right changes so that players come to the right conclusions.


Nuts is a puzzle game where players must set up a series of surveillance cameras to hunt down a squirrel and find their hidden stash of food. Wandering through a hazy maze of trees to find the perfect space to drop a camera is a surprisingly tricky mind teaser that challenges memorisation skills. The game's concept is simple but fun.


In Mushroom Heroes, I'm looking at a fast-moving platform over a bed of spikes. Timing my jump is one thing, but figuring out which character should jump first is another. There could be a monster on the other side of the ledge, and there's only one person who uses arrows. There might be blocks to push around, requiring a different character. I won't know until I cross. These are the kind of chances you take when playing Mushroom Heroes, a platformer that lets you play as three adorable mushroom men.


While I still haven't gotten the hang of Japanese puzzle classic Puyo Puyo, I'm pretty good at Tetris when I concentrate. Recording a Kotaku Plays video is not a good way to concentrate, but I don't mind losing when I get to share the colourful sights and spirited sounds of Puyo Puyo Tetris.


If you played Myst, chances are you'll remember the absolute agony that the Maze Runner puzzle. It was a nightmare involving a cart, four directions, and some weird sounds that initially didn't make a whole lot of sense.

At the time, it was one of the game's most heavily criticised puzzles. And yet Myst creator Rand Miller loved the hell out of it.


It's been a fun few weeks here at Kotaku. We've been hiding some sneaky puzzles in our posts, and they weren't easy. Solving them, and the metapuzzle looming over it all, could get you $6,000 for a home entertainment system -- but it was as hard as defeating a Demogorgon. Now that it's all over, we can take a look at each puzzle solution in depth.


I'd always pictured the game's stealth elements as a puzzle of sorts, but apparently that's not enough for Square Enix. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is getting a real puzzle mode, and it's called Breach.