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For five years, 8Bitdo has been creating near-perfect wireless clones of your favourite classic gamepads, improving the experience of emulating retro games on modern devices.

But if near-perfect isn’t perfect enough for your discerning gaming tastes, the company is now selling kits that should make it dead easy to upgrade your original Nintendo and Sega controllers with Bluetooth, without requiring any electronics know-how or soldering.


If you were looking to grab one 8Bitdo's SNES-style controllers for your Switch or other devices, you might want to move fast. At least one Australian retailer has pulled the devices from sale, after receiving copyright infringement notices from lawyers claiming to represent Nintendo.

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Nintendo has promised that the Switch's upcoming online service will include a library of classic games that will help turn the portable console into an epic - but not perfect - retro gaming machine. The one thing the Switch is missing is a genuine, four-way D-pad, but that can be easily remedied with 8Bitdo's new SN30 Pro gamepad - a clever hybrid of both classic and modern controllers.