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A Way Out merges narrative games with couch co-op, and the result is a smart and emotional experience so good that it had to be reviewed by two Kotaku writers. We've never played a cooperative experience like it.


The co-op prison break game A Way Out dropped yesterday, and it's a marvel we'd recommend to any two people who are up for playing a six-hour game together. We highly recommend you go into it blind, just knowing that it's an adventure made for two players and does some smart, creative things. If you need some convincing, here's some impressions from the two staffers who played, and loved, it.


The fantastic prison break co-op game A Way Out dropped yesterday. In order to play it, you'll need to grab a friend, whether that be couch co-op or online. If you're opting to play online, don't worry. It's hilariously simple. Your partner doesn't even need a copy of the game.


Released this week across PC, PS4 and Xbox One, A Way Out is a co-op only experience from the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Souls. As you'd expect, there's a bunch of puzzles where two people need to be in different places, some of which are timing related. But just after an hour, the game dropped a fun little timing puzzle that woke my partner and I right up.


A Way Out was one of the biggest surprises of the EA press conference. An indie title made by the designer behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, it is a co-op narrative game that puts players in the shoes of two convicts on the run. After playing a short session, the game shows promise.