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After a bit of a stumble with last year's Superchargers, Skylanders is back and ready to go toe-to-toe with Disney Infinity in the creativity side of the toys-to-life battle. Had the competition not folded, Imaginators would have given it a run for its money.


Today marks the passing of one of Call of Duty's finest soldiers. After valiantly fighting his way through nearly three entire Modern Warfare games, one Task Force 141 didn't make it back from the 11 October 2016 mission to assassinate terrorist leader Vladimir Makarov.


A lot of Call of Duty fans are more excited over the remastered version of the original Modern Warfare than Infinite Warfare's future shenanigans, but they can't have one without the other. Either a full digital purchase of Infinite Warfare or the physical disc is required for the remaster to run.


Destiny 2, the currently unannounced 2017 sequel to Destiny, is coming to PC, according to several sources. The first game was exclusive to consoles, much to the dismay of Destiny fans with beefy computers. We also hear that Bungie aims to make Destiny 2 feel like an entirely new game rather than a Taken King-style expansion — even if that means leaving old characters behind.


Out of all the games that make up the global circuit for esports around the world, Call of Duty is the one where Australia has consistently punched above their weight. Our teams have turned in good performances year after year on the global stage, something Activision recognised in part when Australia and New Zealand was given their own region for the inaugural Call of Duty World League.

But you can't punch above your weight forever. And while fans might have been hoping for a resurgence following the drubbing handed out at the Crown Invitational earlier this year, it wasn't to be with all of Oceania's representatives falling at the group stages.


If there's one thing that will live on in my memory for a long, long time, it's the many memories I have of late night LAN parties playing Call of Duty 4. Over, and over, and over, and over again.

People have been playing the multiplayer of the remastered Modern Warfare a go over the last couple of days. And the best possible thing happened: it looks and sounds like what I played at all those LANs many moons ago.


The idea of a video game tie-in arriving without much fanfare the week of a major movie release is scary, but Activision's new Ghostbusters game is nothing more than a relatively basic, slow-paced twin-stick shooter. See for yourself.


Call of Duty has dealt with plenty of boycotts and angry fans in the past. The Infinite Warfare reveal trailer was another thing entirely, however, with more downvotes than many trailers have views. It was so one-sided Activision even put out a response.

The latest Infinite Warfare footage from E3 looks miles better. But do you think that's stopped the internet downvote train? Course not.