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Calling all detectives, gamers and puzzle buffs. Starting June 3, the Powerhouse Museum will be the exclusive venue for the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, Sydney’s largest interactive mystery. The Powerhouse has partnered with Gizmodo/Kotaku to find the best and brightest minds to put their detective skills to the test and compete to crack the code to win.

Are you up to the challenge?


I was having a chat the other week with Lifehacker's Spandas, who was looking forward to building a new PC that weekend. The topic of computer cases came up, and she remarked that the build wouldn't feel right without a full-sized tower.

Having grown up with a 286 PC and remembering the time I poured out a glass teddy bear of savings to purchase my first rig, I get it. But PC hardware has come an long way in recent years, and the days of needing a giant tower for giant framerates are over. Here are a few reasons why you should look at a mini PC like ASUS's ROG GR8 II, instead of an oldschool beast.