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Board Games are an expensive hobby and before Amazon came to our shores it was difficult to get your hands on some games. Now with a big name distributor like Amazon in our country board games are easier than ever to get on the cheap.


You want to know the best reason for not pre-ordering games? Because they'll usually be half price within a month or so. The latest case in point: Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, which is loads of fun as is, is available around the country today for $39.


There have been a number of great Xbox One X deals over the last week, so here's another to add to the pile if you haven't made the jump yet.


It's sale season which means it's time to pick up those games that you've been meaning to buy for a while but never got around to. Fanatical has a Black Friday sale on now with some pretty great prices and they're throwing out discount codes left, right and center.