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Volition's Saints Row spin-off didn't make much of a splash as a video game when it was released last fall, but there's still hope for Agents of Mayhem's raunchy team of G.I. Joe rejects, courtesy of a company known for creating serious historical board games.


Saints Row spin-off Agents of Mayhem is out today, and it's a very different game than its over-the-top, gang-banging, devil-taunting predecessors. It can be daunting, but worry not -- we've got tips.


If Overwatch had a single-player story mode, it would be Agents of Mayhem. If a big-name developer devoted the time and energy to do a G.I. Joe game right, it would be Agents of Mayhem. If Crackdown had more personality and jokes about balls, it would be Agents of Mayhem. The Saints Row spin-off is a lot of things, and most of them are awesome.


Were you enjoying the lull in game releases over the last month or so? Well, I have good (or bad, depending how big your Pile of Shame) news. It's over. Well and truly over.

Take this week as an example. There's the console release of Sonic Mania. StarCraft: Remastered finally launches. There's the Nidhogg sequel. Night Trap is back. Undertale is getting a console launch, as is Conan Exiles and Tokyo 42. Strap in, it's getting busy.


Next week Volition launches Saints Row spin-off Agents of Mayhem, an open-world action adventure featuring a group of super-powered operatives battling an evil organisation bent on world domination. I've played five hours of the game, and already there's a lot to like.