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  • Has Lucasfilm Learned Anything?

    Has Lucasfilm Learned Anything?

    The most distressing thing about Vanity Fair’s massive look into the future of Star Wars isn’t the lack of any new details about the specific future of Star Wars. It’s that, despite claims to the contrary, I don’t know that Lucasfilm has learned anything from the lessons of the sequel trilogy and its TV series,…

  • Meet The New Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich

    Meet The New Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich

    It’s finally confirmed — Alden Ehrenreich is indeed the new Han Solo, and will star in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s solo Solo film. Apparently, Ehrenreich was literally the first person to audition for the role out of more than 3,000 actors. He also screentested in the Millennium Falcon and with Chewbacca, too.