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Alex St. John has been in the headlines a lot this week, not just for his views on game development and the technology industry more broadly but the conversation he's sparked around that. And it's all well and fine to go against the grain, but not when you're espousing a view that risks the physical and mental well-being of your employees, as well as your bottom line.

St. John's views on women in tech weren't terribly popular either, and they've just been skewered mercilessly by a surprising voice: his own daughter.


If anything, the one positive about the recent furore over Alex St. John's views on development and working conditions has been its ability to unify most game developers against crunch time, overworking junior employees, and a management ethos that demands workers sacrifice their lives for their jobs.

In response, the creator of DirectX and founder of WildTangent further clarified his philosophy -- by being even more inflammatory than before.


Earlier today you would have seen the story how Alex St. John, the creator of DirectX and founder of WildTangent, came out over the weekend trying to recharacterise the conditions of game development. It's art, not a job, and game developers shouldn't be as concerned with stress, work-life balance or fair wages. Those were some of the arguments St. John made, although you should read them within to understand the full context.

St. John also has strong views on who precisely game studios should hire. It's contained in a presentation called "Recruiting Giants" and suggests, among other things, that coding isn't actual work, "real" programmers don't value money and that working juniors and interns so hard they burn out is "good for them".