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Endless Space 2's exit from Early Access is a few days away and to gear up for release, developer Amplitude Studios has been putting out videos to highlight the game's 4X core (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate). Today we're looking at the second of those, showing off the varied ways in which different species can spread their influence.


Remember how there were a few big 4X games coming out this year? We've already had Stellaris early on, and the Master of Orion reboot launched just last month. But there's one title on the horizon that's still in the works. It's Endless Space 2, and it's looking a bit great.


Hayley took the limelight earlier this week and when he returns from self-inflicted baby duties, Mark will join in the fun. But in the interim, let's take a break from the open-world RPGs, the torturous punishment of Dark Souls and venture in the weird world of games in 2016 that I'm excited for.


XCOM 2 isn't coming out until 2016. Rising Tide didn't revitalise Civilization: Beyond Earth. Endless Space 2 isn't out until next year. Master Of Orion isn't playable yet either and Galactic Civilizations 3 ... there's something not quite there. What on earth is a 4X fan to do?

One option is to hit up Endless Legend, the fantasy-themed 4X from Amplitude Studios. And if you're looking for something meaty to dive into over the holiday break, the game just got a massive update.


I've played a lot of Civilization, and I've played a fair amount of Endless Legend (for a relatively recent game). And I'm ready to make the call. I just like the latter better.


Amplitude Studios are having one hell of a year. Not only is its strategy title Endless Legend one of the year's biggest surprises, one of its other games is also going to quietly sneak onto some people's GOTY lists as well.