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The stars of this week's Pull List selections have watched as war and plagues have ravaged the world time and time again, only to see humanity come to the brink of destruction before settling back down and eventually forgetting whatever lessons that might have been gleaned from the last Major Event™. When we meet them again in their respective presents, the world is on the brink of collapse yet again, and this time they all believe it really, really could be the end of all things.


Most mechanical keyboard switches have two positions -- off and on. Either the key is activated, or it's not. The switches in the Wooting One keyboard are different. Like the analogue trigger on a gamepad, they detect a range of motion. I wouldn't say it's something every PC gamer needs, but it can definitely change the way they play games on a keyboard.


Narita Boy is part video game project, part idle day dream. Even its creator isn't entirely sure what it will become. But the art and energy behind it is undeniable. Like a long forgotten NES cart buried in your grandparents' basement, Narita Boy insinuates itself in the imagination like a memory of something that never happened.