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Turning the Apple Watch on its side while it's charging overnight puts it in Nightstand Mode so you can always see the time. But with Elgato's amusing new W3 stand, instead of a tiny alarm clock, your Apple Watch becomes a miniature replica of the original Macintosh computer on your bedside table.


It's really quite depressing that some people thrive on drama, so much so they feel the need to manufacture it. Such is the case for one user in the Pokemon GO Reddit community, who posted a supposed email from Niantic Labs' customer support stating that the Apple Watch version of the popular game had been "shelved". Fortunately, the developer was quick to debunk the rumour, calling the Reddit email a fake.


That's the message I woke up to on what was my communicator link with a marooned space cadet named Taylor this morning. His ship had crash landed, and he had reached out to me for help. And I killed him. He died because I gave him the wrong advice on how to survive the night on the desolate planet he had crashed on. I'm still staring at my Apple Watch in shock because of what this game has made me feel.

This is Lifeline.


There will be games for the Apple Watch. Of course. One of them -- a role-playing game called Runeblade -- will have battles that last anywhere from five to 15 seconds. You're probably going to look pretty silly playing it.