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Change is coming to Riverdale! The latest release of Archie #32 by Mark Waid, Ian Flynn, and Audrey Mok brought an end to Waid's tenure on the revitalised series since he first started alongside Fiona Staples in 2015. The new team of Nick Spencer and Marguerite Sauvage are set to begin later this year -- and we spoke Sauvage to learn more.


Even though we're living in a new golden age for flashy cape comic books and shared cinematic universes, Archie Comics has managed to carve out interesting footholds for itself with modern spins on romance and horror comics and a cheesy teen soap opera that has no business being as good as it is. But as fun as the Archie crew (in its many forms) is, the powers that be at Archie Comics want to try their hand at the superhero game once again.


Crossovers are an everyday occurrence in the comics industry, where Spider-Man hangs with Wolverine, Batman stops by Teen Titans HQ, and Aliens battle Predators. But not all crossovers make as much sense as these do. Here are a dozen of them that aren't necessarily bad, but they're all definitely weird.