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It's been a long week, but the weekend is coming up and we've got a bounty of new games to help you unwind. For your enjoyment, here's 5 calming minutes of Mario dancing from Super Mario Odyssey, complete with a waterfall.


"Hopefully, I can actually win one," YouTuber Whisper Plays breathed into his microphone before he parachuted off a plane in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. His mechanical keyboard clacked loudly as he dropped down and collected his first few items: a few packs of 9mm ammo and a P1911 pistol, which actually takes .45 ammo. "I'm not gonna lie," he whispered. "I'm a little scared."


No Man's Sky is, to many, a disappointment. The planet exploration game has been deemed tedious, boring and repetitive in stark contrast to its pre-release hype as an endlessly exciting adventure across a randomly-generated galaxy. Luckily, its tedium is exactly the quality that's made it perfect fodder for the ASMR community.