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Even though Humble Bundle is no longer the independent little outfit we grew up with, they're still offering bundles that donate to charity every other fortnight. And their latest bundle is worthy of some attention, because it's all Australian.


Earlier this year it was announced that a Perth-based studio, of all places, was making a new Battlestar Galactica game. It wasn't a mobile spin-off or a small project, but a fully fledged 3D strategy tactics game where humans command their fleet against the brunt of a Cylon attack.

Called Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock, the developers finally showed off some gameplay in a livestream this week.


When we showed off The Forgotten City last year, it looked almost good enough to be a release from Bethesda themselves. It's basically one big giant murder mystery set underground, complete with lateral thinking puzzles, an original soundtrack, multiple endings and interrogations.

It's an exceptional piece of work. And it's now a culturally recognised piece of work, after its Australian creator won a national screenwriting award.