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    Our national holiday is fast approaching. A day of sasuages. Triple M on the radio. Backyard cricket. Companies doing stupid things to get attention. And (probably) an awful lot of drinking. But what plans will you have for the upcoming public holiday?

  • Off Topic: Australia Day

    So yesterday was a public holiday for practically everyone. God bless those poor buggers that had to work, but if you had a day off, what did you get up to? Video games? Sitting around the house watching the tennis? The obligatory BBQ?

  • Remember Aussie Gamers On ‘Straya Day!

    Happy Australia day everyone. Wow, what about those video games huh? How good is it when they feature Australians? Aussies in games range from the slightly awesome to the full blown terribad. Our very own Andrew Burdusel has taken practically every Australian video game character in gaming history and put it onto this pretty incredible…