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Marvel is getting ready to roll out its stars and garters for its All-American USAvengers comic, and one major way it's been doing it is by putting out a ridiculous amount of variant covers for issue one — one for each US state, and then some. With them all now revealed, we broke down the state/hero match-ups that work... and the ones that don't.


Video: How can TT Games make a LEGO game equal to rival the size and scope of LEGO Marvel Superheroes with only the two main Avengers movies to pull from? It can't, so it pulls from four more.


Galactus and Deadpool — two guys classified as "bad guys" at one point in time — are going to be Avengers when the Marvel Universe returns to a more recognisable form. And they're going to have a lot of company, some of whom are coming from alternate universes.