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Torsten Reil, the co-founder and CEO of NaturalMotion, on Sunday tweeted this picture which he says is from an iPhone version of Backbreaker: Vengeance, a spinoff of last year's football game Backbreaker which challenged Madden NFL without any NFL branding. Reil's picture shows someone for the Seattle Seahawks leaping over an Arizona Cardinals defender, in a stadium carrying NFL branding on its signs.


Backbreaker developer NaturalMotion offered fans of the series a sneak peek at the next instalment in the unlicensed football video game, one that takes a different approach that EA Sports' dominant and NFL backed Madden game. What is it? The developer isn't talking just yet, but Backbreaker fans are kicking around theories in the game's official forums.


Backbreaker's addictive Tackle Alley minigame put you on the field as a ballcarrier juking and spinning his way through 100-yard touchdown runs. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance puts you in the game on defence, blasting those showboats out of the water.


Backbreaker's iPhone version - a port of the popular "Tackle Alley" minigame from the console title - flips the script in a sequel that tasks players with stopping the computer runner. New moves and "super showboating" will also be featured.


This past week I had so much fun tinkering around with a game that I'm almost embarrassed to go back and read my original review. Because I was very hard on Backbreaker.


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You're a halfback, not a soldier, but it doesn't feel right to call these "turns," "tries," "chances," or "men." No, these are "lives," at stake in Backbreaker's Tackle Alley, where 99.22 percent of its players have ended up "dead."


Backbreaker the challenger to Madden NFL that got one very big thing right but a lot of little things wrong (or not at all), will get a "major patch" taking into account community suggestions, the studio said on Friday.


505 Games, fresh from putting out the unlicensed pro football challenger Backbreaker, will bring an unlicensed mixed martial arts title to E3, one that promises action more brutal than the UFC or Strikeforce-branded games.