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Last year Bandai Namco gave us Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, a Persona-flavoured RPG that let players decide how much time they wanted to dedicate to breeding the perfect Digimon. Released this week, Digimon World: Next Order throws players into the deep end within the first 20 minutes.


The latest game based on Japan's popular trapped-in-an-MMO light novel series is a free-to-play mobile game in which players collect and upgrade characters as they advance through the story of Sword Art Online anime. It's formulaic, but it works quite well.


Bandai Namco's Tales action role-playing series is normally pretty formulaic -- a plucky group of colourful heroes joins together to save the world from some dire threat. Tales of Berseria's protagonist just really wants to murder a guy, and her companions are happy to help.


Klonoa, Namco's dream travelling cat with grippy ears thing who starred in several wonderful platformers for the PlayStation 1, 2, Wii and Game Boy Advance, has long been in need of an anime adaptation. Now it's getting one, courtesy of anime production company Henshin, Inc.


Giving one of the world's most iconic video game characters a makeover for his latest mobile game, Bandai Namco have created a Pac-Man that really works with today's more minimalist cartoon sensibilities. Or he's just really damn cute.


Most people playing Dark Souls 3 have beaten it by now, and while some have moved onto newer games like Overwatch, others are simply beating the game again in news ways, or figuring out more inventive methods of trolling people online.