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This year was a terrible year for the planet, but a good year for my own personal nostalgia. Spiritual successors, updates and remasters dominated my playtime, but I also pushed my boundaries in terms of the types of games I typically play. I’m counting that as personal growth.

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 games for 2016, in vaguely ascending order.


The hero of Batman: Arkham VR is a little clumsy. His hands shake from time to time. He sometimes drops his Batarangs. He doesn't drive his own Batmobile, and he spends a lot of time standing in place as other people move around him.


One of the more exciting announcements at Sony's press conference was Batman: Arkham VR, a virtual reality experience set in Rocksteady's Batman universe. Not long after the event, I had a chance to give it a shot.