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On Friday the very hotly anticipated No Man's Sky was finally made available for PC gamers, a full four days after console gamers got it. Reportedly this was because the developers wanted to "make it right". Unfortunately it was still a rush job and game stores like Steam and GoG have pages and pages of angry customers complaints about the unplayability of the title. 57 per cent of the nearly 40,000 reviews on Steam are negative, and while many are just bored with the game, many are actively hating on the PC port.


For most people, Telltale games aren't a solo experience. They're something you share with your family and friends, even if the input is strictly single-player only.

So at Comic Con on the weekend, Telltale confirmed that they were turning that social experience into a feature -- for every Telltale game going forward.


"We believe Bruce Wayne is just as important as the Batman," a Telltale rep said at E3 this week as he began playing through a demo of his company's new Batman game. What followed was proof that Batman The Telltale Series may have more Bruce Wayne in it than any prior interactive Dark Knight adventure.