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The final update for Gearbox's failed hero shooter Battleborn arrived last week, tweaking game mechanics slightly, fixing a few bugs, and adding some new skins and taunts before closing the door on continued development. It did not have a good run.


Fans of Battleborn's story operations that are sick to death of playing the initial set of scenarios get a reprieve today with Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, a retelling of the third Thrall uprising with a little film noir flair.


The underperforming hero shooter Battleborn will go free-to-play within the couple of months, a person familiar with plans for the game told Kotaku. Word is the announcement will come by mid-November, but that could change. (We hear the move has already been delayed a couple of times.)


So there you are, minding your own business, when the CEO of Giant Game Publisher approaches you with an offer: he wants you to lead the development of a brand new entry in That First Person Shooter that he makes, and he wants you to make sure it's fun to play. How do you make sure it's fun to play?


The world of video games is a tough business, and for those working on Battleborn I can't imagine it's been particularly kind. Gearbox's latest MOBA-esque shooter didn't get the most glowing reception, and its player base has shrunk at a startling rate.

Perhaps in a bid to try and revive the game's flagging popularity, 2K has given Battleborn its biggest discount yet -- by way of a Humble Bundle. And there are plenty of other solid games available as well too.


The stars were never really aligned for Gearbox Software's 'hero shooter', MOBA-esque Battleborn. Between a generic and all too forgettable name, a release that coincided far too closely with the overpowering hype of Blizzard's similar offering in Overwatch and a price that people just aren't used to paying for MOBA-style games, Battleborn really isn't doing well.


If someone had told me at the beginning of the year that I'd be reviewing Battleborn in May, I would have asked them "Which one is Battleborn again?" Now that I've spent a couple dozen hours in Gearbox Software's latest I think I've figured it out.